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New Liturgical Help

One of the challenges faced by pastors is the organization of public prayer.  I have long used a document for myself, Regular Items for Thanksgiving and Intercessory Prayer.  This document has all the regular things which should be remembered in public prayer on the Lord’s Day — at least the ones I could think of (with the help of my elders).  They are organized into eight groups.  The idea is to pray through one group each Lord’s Day.  I typically do this in the second prayer in the PM service.  Using a system like this helps prevent lengthy “around the world” prayers, as well as the neglect of certain matters.  I’m sharing it as a MS Word file so other pastors can modify it for their own purposes.

New Dutch Article

Missionair en gereformeerd — tien stellingen (translated by R. Sollie-Sleijster for Een in Waarheid)

New Dutch Articles

In the last little while, I’ve added a couple of new articles in “de Nederlandse taal”:

Zo dankbaar voor de actieve gehoorzaamheid van Christus

De kerk en de rechtvaardigmaking

Thanks to R. Sollie-Sleijster for translating.  Originally published at Een in Waarheid.


New Dutch Resources

I’ve just added two new articles in Dutch, translated by R. Sollie-Sleijster and originally published on the website Een in waarheid:

Reformatie en Psalmen zingen  — (English original here — The Reformation and Psalm-singing)

“Buiten de kerk geen heil” — (English original here — Outside the church no salvation)


Reformation Commemoration Audio

On Saturday 28 October, the Evangelical Presbyterian and Free Reformed Churches of Launceston jointly held a Reformation Commemoration.  You can find the audio of the event with these links:

Rev. Chris Connors — The Two Great Gifts of the Reformation


Q and A 

Rev. Wes Bredenhof — The Reformation and Evangelism


Q and A