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FRC Launceston Livestreaming and Video Archive

The Free Reformed Church of Launceston (where I serve) has just recently started livestreaming our Sunday worship services (9:30 AM and 3:30 PM, Eastern Australia time).  You can also find an archive of recent services.  It’s all here at our YouTube channel.

Additionally, the notes for most of my sermons eventually end up at

New Liturgical Help

One of the challenges faced by pastors is the organization of public prayer.  I have long used a document for myself, Regular Items for Thanksgiving and Intercessory Prayer.  This document has all the regular things which should be remembered in public prayer on the Lord’s Day — at least the ones I could think of (with the help of my elders).  They are organized into eight groups.  The idea is to pray through one group each Lord’s Day.  I typically do this in the second prayer in the PM service.  Using a system like this helps prevent lengthy “around the world” prayers, as well as the neglect of certain matters.  I’m sharing it as a MS Word file so other pastors can modify it for their own purposes.

New Dutch Article

Missionair en gereformeerd — tien stellingen (translated by R. Sollie-Sleijster for Een in Waarheid)

New Dutch Articles

In the last little while, I’ve added a couple of new articles in “de Nederlandse taal”:

Zo dankbaar voor de actieve gehoorzaamheid van Christus

De kerk en de rechtvaardigmaking

Thanks to R. Sollie-Sleijster for translating.  Originally published at Een in Waarheid.


New Dutch Resources

I’ve just added two new articles in Dutch, translated by R. Sollie-Sleijster and originally published on the website Een in waarheid:

Reformatie en Psalmen zingen  — (English original here — The Reformation and Psalm-singing)

“Buiten de kerk geen heil” — (English original here — Outside the church no salvation)