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I Recommend

This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

Women Pastors, Women Preachers, and the Looming Test of the Southern Baptist Convention

“This past week, Saddleback Community Church in California ordained three women as pastors. In a development described by the church as “historic,” the church posted a photograph of the ordinations with the text: ‘Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren and others pray over the first three women the church has ordained as pastors.'”

Covenant Eyes launches new program to help men break free from porn use

CE keeps breaking new ground in helping in the fight against this plague.

Trauma retreat for military sex assault survivors used sex offender as ‘peer mentor’

Unreal. This would be like your ward elder or pastor being a convicted sex offender and you, as an abuse victim, are expected to seek pastoral care from them. What was that doctor thinking?

6 Sins that Enable Abuse

We, the church of Jesus Christ, have to keep kicking at the darkness until it bleeds daylight. It starts with this kind of self-awareness.

I Recommend

This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

How the Church Can Help in Suicide Prevention

This one hits close to home for me, but I know it does for others too. Christians should do everything they can do address this horrible tragedy.

Why Pastors Should Use More Historical Illustrations in Sermons

I’ve always used a lot of historical illustrations. I’ve been starting to rethink it, but this blog post made me see that perhaps it’s a good practice after all.

Why You Should Surround Yourself With More Books Than You’ll Ever Have Time to Read

I love books and I have a daughter who loves them too. She shared this link with me — it makes sense!

How to Protect Your Church from Abusers

Churches are often safe places for abusers, but not for the abused. This ought not to be! Every church should have an abuse policy. If you need to see a sample, contact me and I’ll send along what we have at our church.

Some libraries stand strong against calls to remove books telling truth about transgenderism

The banning of books should concern us all. If they’re going to demand the removal of this book, how long till they want the Bible removed?

Last of all, I came across this short film. It’s only about nine minutes (to the credits), but in that time it raises interesting questions about where people “go” during a coma. It’s also really well-produced. H.t.: Evolution News.

I Recommend

This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

Does Systemic Racism Exist?

That’s a provocative question in today’s environment.  Samuel Sey’s answer will stir up your grey matter.

When C.S. Lewis was an atheist…

This is an excerpt from Douglas Bond’s book War in the Wasteland.

Why haven’t we heard from ET?

Jon Dykstra considers the possibilities and comes up with what seems to me to be the most likely answer.

A Free People’s Suicide? — The End of Law and Order in the West

I’m sure you’ve heard the rallying cries of either defunding or dismantling police forces around the world.  What could possibly go wrong?  David Robertson provides some penetrating analysis of the spirit of the age, a spirit which is increasingly lawless and illogical.

Does the Condition of Your Church Facility Matter to Guests?

“I find that many church members take better care of their homes, boats, cars, motorcycles, and even their pets than they do their ministry facilities. Is this acceptable to you? It is not to me, and I suggest that the church (big “C”) wake up, take notice, and do something about it. I believe that God will hold each of us responsible and accountable for how we steward every resource entrusted to us.”  And even more than stewardship, this is about the gospel.  When we show that value the church and its facilities poorly, it reflects poorly on the rich gospel we aim to preach there.

Greed, Heresy, and the Prosperity Gospel

The White Horse Inn is one of my favourite radio programs.  This episode features a powerful interview with two ex-insiders from the prosperity “gospel” world.  Costi Hinn is a nephew of Benny Hinn; Michael Cerullo is a grandson of Morris Cerullo.