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Creation/Evolution: Ideas Have Consequences

Creation Without Compromise

Dr. Geoff Downes is the director of Forest Quality Pty. Ltd., a private research company in Tasmania seeking to develop and apply technology for non-destructive evaluation of wood properties in trees.  His Ph.D. is from the University of Melbourne in Wood Science and Forest Nutrition.  He works on a voluntary basis for Creation Ministries International.  The Free Reformed Church of Launceston recently welcomed Dr. Downes to speak on the topic of “Creation/Evolution: Ideas Have Consequences.”

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Theistic Evolution and the Creation of “Human Beings”

Creation Without Compromise

Back in late 2009, some ministerial colleagues and I were discussing with concern the apparently growing influence of evolutionary thinking in the Canadian Reformed Churches.  What could we do about it?  Five of us decided to collaborate on an article, “Ten Reasons Why Evolution is Dangerous and Evil.”  Authored by Walter Geurts, George van Popta, John van Popta, Jim Witteveen and yours truly, this was published in the January 1, 2010 issue of ClarionYou find it online here.

At the beginning of March 2010, an 11-part series of responses began to be published on the Reformed Academic blog.  It’s not my intent to interact with those responses as such.  Rather, I want to point out one particular point of response.  It relates to something I’ve read more recently.

One of the “ten reasons” was that “Evolution must regard Genesis 2:8 as mythical.”  Rev. John van Popta argued…

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I Believe in Theistic Evolution

My most recent post at Creation Without Compromise.

Creation Without Compromise

I recently realized I believe in/affirm theistic evolution.  Depending on your perspective, have I sold out or have I finally come to my senses?  Neither.  Let me explain.

It has long perturbed me that those who affirm or allow for Darwinian macroevolution to be compatible with a biblical worldview will sometimes call themselves “creationists” or will claim to believe in/affirm biblical creation.  They do this knowing that biblical creation is usually understood to refer to a view that holds to God having created in six ordinary days on a timescale of some thousands (rather than millions or billions) of years ago.  By claiming to believe in creation they lay concerns to rest, whereas all they have really done is disguise their true position.

Stephen C. Meyer has helped me to see I could do the same thing with theistic evolution.  Meyer wrote the “Scientific and Philosophical Introduction” to Theistic Evolution:…

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Top Ten Posts of 2017

The past year was notable for the decision of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (RCN) to open all the offices to women — and then the aftermath, especially at the International Conference of Reformed Churches.  I blogged several times about this and, not surprisingly, half of the top ten posts of the past year were related to this topic.

Here are the past year’s top ten on Yinkahdinay:

  1.  Stage Fright — dancing at Redeemer PCA in New York and the history of the stage in church architecture
  2. RCN Suspended from ICRC
  3. Calvin: Ministers Ought Not to Steal — how ministers can break the Eighth Commandment
  4. OPC Proposal at ICRC — the OPC led the way in the suspension of the RCN
  5. The ESV Study Bible vs. the Reformation Study Bible:  A Comparison
  6. How the Mighty Have Fallen — reflection on the RCN’s decision regarding women in office
  7. Pastoral Q & A:  Labour Unions — can a Christian join a union?
  8. A Missiological Reflection on the RCN and Women in Office
  9. The Reformation and Psalm-Singing — the most popular post commemorating the 5ooth birthday of the Reformation
  10. RCN in ICRC: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

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