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Some Recommended Links

A very deeply concerning piece of legislation passed Victoria’s lower house today. It has profound implications for all of Australia. This interview provides all the details: Suppression or Oppression? Victoria’s Anti-Conversion Bill.

Meanwhile, here in Tasmania similar legislation is being discussed by the influential Tasmania Law Reform Institute. They have put out a paper on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conversion Practices and are asking for community input. The deadline is January 7, 2021. Concerned Christians should speak up. All the relevant information is here, including a link to the paper.

On the same topic, check out this article by someone who used to identify as gay, but now identifies as Christian: Why Hollywood Praises Elliot Page (and Blacklists Me).

Finally, on something completely different, the Australian Association for Reformed Political Action continues to do good work on a variety of subjects. This past week they issued a research paper on vaccinations, especially in view of the new COVID vaccines just beginning to receive approval in various countries. Solid stuff.


During the summer months, I often ask parishioners for suggestions for texts to preach on.  This coming Sunday morning, as a result of one such suggestion, I plan to be preaching on Genesis 1:26-27.  This passage is about the creation of humanity in God’s image and the mandate to exercise dominion over the other creatures.  Then at the end of verse 27, the Holy Spirit says, “male and female he created them.”  That got me to thinking about the current pressure on the biblical view of gender.  One thing led to another and I came across this talk from Denny Burk on gender identity.  It’s about 45 minutes, but well-worth your time.  By the way, you may be wondering about the related issue of intersex or hermaphroditism.  He addresses that in answer to a question at the 40 minute mark in the video.