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In 19 chapters, Wes Bredenhof explains in his unique, readable style, how Reformed worship aims to help us please God more and more.  All aspects of the service come under scrutiny:  Is singing hymns biblical?  Should the congregation say the votum?  Why collection bags?  Lord’s Supper in the pews?  And what about the role of organists, drums, the celebration of Christmas, and the use of projectors?  Does covenant theology make a difference to how we worship?  These topics and many more are addressed from the stance that we are not to worship God in any other manner than He has commanded in His Word.

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The “Seven Wondrous Words” of Christ on the cross are truly “wondrous” – they reflect the wonder of who our Saviour is and what he has accomplished for us in his crucifixion. When we contemplate these sayings, we cannot help but be in awe of what God has done for our rescue. In this book, Rev. Bredenhof focuses on one Word at a time, and highlights the wonder of the gospel, and our salvation. (Seven outlines, each with questions.)

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Solus Christus – “Christ Alone” – is one of the five pillars of the Reformation. We would expect it to be universally accepted. Though many affirm Christ as Saviour, Christ as the only Redeemer is harder to accept. This “Christless Christianity” can easily creep into Reformed circles as well. In this book Rev. Bredenhof deftly helps the reader understand what Solus Christus means, why it is important, and how to respond to those who deny it or undermine it.  This book has three chapters with discussion questions and includes two related sermons.

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I Will Be Your God Cover

In this book Rev. Bredenhof explains the covenant of grace in simple terms, and clearly explains how this doctrine sets us apart from most other “New Calvinist” churches. He also delves into how this affects the way we raise our children, and the way we conduct our worship services. Whether you read this on your own for personal edification or as part of a study group in the communion of saints, you will see that in the doctrine of the covenant of grace we find comfort, hope, and joy in Jesus Christ. In this doctrine, we discover the gracious way of life given by God and the blessed way of life before God.   5 Chapters.

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To Win Our Neighbors for Christ

In many modern histories of Christian missions, the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century is depicted as a movement lacking missionary zeal. It has virtually become a given that the Reformation was not oriented to the church’s missionary task. In To Win Our Neighbors for Christ, Wes Bredenhof answers these charges, proving that it is a mistake to say the Reformation and the confessional documents it produced have nothing to say about missions. The author demonstrates that the Three Forms of Unity—the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort — properly understood, have much to offer the study of missions. More importantly, they encourage us to care about a world lost in unbelief, making us more mission-oriented and outward-looking.


“To Win Our Neighbors for Christ is a helpful tool for every Reformed Christian seeking to understand and use our confessions in a missional way. It gives the historical background for each of the three forms of Unity and shows that the original intent of our confessions was indeed to reach the lost with the good news of the gospel. It also shows how we as a church need to have that same desire to clearly articulate these truths to our own generation of souls today.” — Richard Bout, missions coordinator, United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA)

“Full disclosure: Dr. Wes Bredenhof is my family’s enthusiastic pastor, through whom we are fed with pure gospel preaching. His heart pulses with true love for the biblical, Reformed faith and with a deep desire to reach the lost. In this book he shows us that these two things belong together— indeed, that the Reformed confessions themselves encourage mission. I pray that many more believers would see the intricate interconnections of these two pulses, and I’m sure that this book will help them.” — Dr. Theodore Van Raalte, professor of ecclesiology, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary



Federal Vision cover

Many of the churches with membership in the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC) have condemned Federal Vision theology. But where do the Canadian Reformed Churches stand on this issue? In this booklet, Canadian Reformed pastor Wes Bredenhof presents the view that Federal Vision falls outside the bounds of the Three Forms of Unity. He explains that Federal Vision advocates have no credible claim to the theological heritage of the Canadian Reformed Churches. Finally, he calls for his own church federation to clearly recognize Federal Vision theology as a deviation from the orthodox faith.

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God Did Say Cover

“Did God really say?” To Eve it may have seemed the Serpent was trying to clarify what God had said, but his purpose was something else entirely. This, here, was a challenge to God’s Truth; this was the Devil trying to raise doubt. Today some within the Church are asking this same question for the same reason: these are people who have embraced a worldly form of wisdom. They ask this question not to seek Truth, but to obscure the wisdom of God’s Word. In God did say! Dr. Bredenhof clears away the confusion by taking us straight to Scripture. He lays out the answers God has given to life’s biggest questions, like: “What is Truth?” and “How did we come to be?” He explains what the Bible says about sin, about Satan, and about the Bible itself. And he exposes the foolishness of the world’s wisdom by contrasting it with the wisdom of God’s Word. Dr. Bredenhof wants us to understand that there is no need for uncertainty, because God did say!

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This book provides a basic explanation of Haggai’s prophecy, and shows how this Bible book speaks to us of Christ and the gospel. Haggai’s prophecy may be small, but his message is much needed for our day. He speaks of a believer’s priorities to a time in which priorities are often badly askew. He speaks of the covenant to a time in which the biblical reality of God’s covenant is often neglected. He speaks of God’s house to an age in which many Christians have only a limited understanding of what God’s house is and its significance. We need Haggai and his message for today.

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The Beautiful Bride of Christ

Questions abound when it comes to what the Bible teaches about the church.  Is the church essential for Christians or can we do without it if we want?   Can we still use the old Reformation distinction of true and false church?  What about how the church should be governed — what should we do?   Shouldn’t churches each decide on their own how to worship God?  These and many other important questions are considered in The Beautiful Bride of Christ.  The Belgic Confession is our guide as we consider what God teaches us in Scripture about the body of Christ.   Included is a never-before translated letter from Guido de Brès to the consistory of the Reformed church in Antwerp.

All proceeds from this volume will be donated to the John Calvin Institute — the seminary of the Reformed Churches of Brazil.

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In 2000, the Smithers Canadian Reformed Church called Wes Bredenhof to be a missionary working among the First Nations in north-central British Columbia. The Gospel Under the Northern Lights tells the story of how that call came to be and how it was carried out. The forests and mountains of BC seem to naturally produce heaps of characters, stories, and adventures. This memoir introduces you to some of them. Along the way you’ll hear of what a privilege and challenge it is to be a messenger of the gospel to a broken world and how that good news of Jesus Christ is still what it is desperately needed among all nations.

“If you’re tired of the modern glamorization of mission and long for a raw and realistic portrayal of everyday, ordinary mission work, then this book is for you. Wes Bredenhof has compiled a fascinating and prayer-provoking account of his labor of love among the most remote First Nations people of North America. It will open your eyes — and your heart.” 

–Dr. David P. Murray, professor of Old Testament and practical theology at Puritan Theological Seminary

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The Reformation is usually not associated with missionary fervor. Similarly, the confessions of faith produced by Reformed churches have seldom been viewed as missionary statements. This book argues for a reconsideration of these positions. The focus is on the Belgic Confession of faith written in 1561 by the Belgian martyr, Guy de Bres. Bredenhof argues that the Belgic Confession was an effort on the part of de Bres and the Reformed churches of the Low Countries to reach those they considered to be non-Christians. He demonstrates how the structure of the Confession represents a contextualized witness to sixteenth century Europe. For the Cause of the Son of God also looks at missionary uses of the Belgic Confession in the seventeenth and twentieth centuries, both from theoretical and practical perspectives. The church will surely be enriched by a more careful reflection on the relationship between confessions such as the Belgic and the call of Christ to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

For the Cause of the Son of God…will be welcomed by those who love the Reformed confessional witness to biblical truth and who are zealous for the worldwide preaching of the gospel.”  — Joel Beeke

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As a response to the unique challenges facing the twenty-first-century American church, church planting has become a popular topic. But at a time when churches that spread the seed of the Word through preaching, the sacraments, and prayer are greatly needed, much of the focus has been on planting churches that adapt pop culture to meet “consumer demand.”  In Planting, Watering,Growing, the authors of this collection of essays weave together theological wisdom, personal experiences, and practical suggestions, guiding readers through the foundations and methods of planting confessional churches that uphold the Word of God.

This volume includes my chapter, “The Reformed Confessions and Missions.”

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We Believe is a compilation of the ecumenical creeds and Reformed confessions (Three Forms of Unity).  It contains all the proof-texts, as well as an introduction, the historic original prefaces (rarely published), and a topical index.  The volume is designed specifically for outreach.

All the proceeds from this book are for the Reformed Reading Room in Recife, Brazil.  The Reading Room is a key component of our Canadian Reformed missionary efforts in north-eastern Brazil.  Through it many are introduced to the gospel of grace found in the Scriptures and summarized in our confessional heritage.  Please click here to order.

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