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Seven Wondrous Words: Update on International Shipping

Canadians can order this new book directly from the publisher, the Study.

Australians can order through Amazon.com.au

Americans (and other international buyers) can order through Amazon.com


Seven Wondrous Words — International Shipping

A couple of days ago I announced the release of my new book Seven Wondrous WordsI provided this link to the publisher for the print edition.  If you’re in Canada, that would be no problem.  However, for folks in other countries, there is currently an issue with the international shipping.  The publisher is aware of the issue and is working on a solution — when it’s found, I’ll share it here.  In the meantime, Seven Wondrous Words is also available as an e-book at this site.

Now Available: Seven Wondrous Words

From the publisher’s blurb:

The “Seven Wondrous Words” of Christ on the cross are truly “wondrous” – they reflect the wonder of who our Saviour is and what he has accomplished for us in his crucifixion. When we contemplate these sayings, we cannot help but be in awe of what God has done for our rescue. In this book, Rev. Bredenhof focuses on one Word at a time, and highlights the wonder of the gospel, and our salvation. (Seven outlines, each with questions.)

Click here to order.

Coming Soon: Seven Wondrous Words

In the near future, The Study will be releasing this new book on Christ’s seven sayings from the cross.  This was one of the two publishing projects that I worked on during my recent sabbatical.  From the Preface:

My hope is that this book will encourage readers in all seasons and circumstances to keep their faith fixed on the only Saviour.  However, some may certainly find special encouragement in the days leading up to Easter, or perhaps as preparation for celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  In order to guide reflection and discussion I have added a few questions at the end of each chapter – these may also prove useful for groups who may choose to use this book as a study guide.  Some of the questions are more academic in nature, some oriented towards our witness to unbelievers, and some are more personal and reflective.  The expositions provide a basic explanation of the passages at hand and the questions are intended to take readers into deeper waters.