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Is Suspending Judgment an Option?


Imagine someone saying the following:  “The doctrine of the Trinity is difficult to accept.  On the one hand, reason tells me that this doctrine is impossible.  Three persons in one being is illogical.  On the other hand, the Bible seems to be pointing in the direction of the Trinity.  But we have to acknowledge that our human interpretations of the Bible are fallible, so we might be mistaken in believing that God is Triune.  I’m faced with a conflict between what reason says and what the Bible appears to be saying.  Therefore, I’m going to suspend judgment for the time being.  Perhaps in the future there will be more clarity on this matter and then I can make a responsible judgment.”  If we heard someone talking like that, we would recognize that there are significant problems in this reasoning.  When all the evidence is considered, the Bible is clear about the doctrine of the Trinity.  Yes, there have been numerous heretics over the centuries who’ve drawn this doctrine into question.  Yet the consensus of the Church has always been that God is Triune.  It’s in our creeds and confessions.  Christians are called to accept and believe what the Word of God teaches, not to suspend judgment on it.  As the Belgic Confession puts it in article 5, “We believe without any doubt all things contained” in these holy and canonical Scriptures.  Moreover, we also “reject with all our heart whatever does not agree with this infallible rule” (BC 7).  It sounds humble to suspend judgment and it might be when it comes to assertions from human authorities.  But when it comes to divinely authoritative Scripture, nothing could be more arrogant.

We can see that suspending judgment is not an option when it comes to the Trinity.  Why should it be when it comes to other vital areas of Christian theology, such as origins?  I urge you to read this important post from Dr. John Byl illustrating one example of someone trying to argue in this manner and why it doesn’t work.


Some Blogs I Read Regularly (and Why)

Feedly shot

I’m not only a blog writer, but also an avid consumer.  Repeatedly, we’ve been told that blogging is nearly dead, but I don’t see it.  The novelty has worn off for many people, but its usefulness certainly hasn’t.  Blogs will continue to be around for some years to come.

As for the logistics of reading blogs, I use Feedly to help manage all the ones that I read — I highly recommend it as an intuitive way to keep track of the blogosphere.

I subscribe to a variety of blogs.  Some deal with aviation, others help me in learning Portuguese, most are theologically oriented.  Some are written by theologians, pastors, professors, and others by seminary students, aspiring sem students, or just regular everyday Christians.  Some blogs are updated regularly; others haven’t seen any action in a while and in due time, I’ll just delete the feed.  Some blogs I read because there’s encouragement and edification, others because I’m obligated to know what the wolves are using to bait the sheep.

Let me share some blogs that I’m reading these days that are worth highlighting.  Before proceeding, in case it’s not obvious, this is not a blanket endorsement of everything that appears on these blogs.  I expect readers will try to use discernment.  Here are the blogs:

HeadHeartHand — this is the blog of Dr. David Murray, a professor at Puritan Theological Seminary.  This is updated almost every day.  He shares links and writes articles that are helpful for pastors and everybody else.  Definitely one of my favourites!

Sixteen Seasons — this is from Jeremy De Haan, a seminary student at the CanRC Theological Seminary, and also a parishioner at Providence.  I love this blog, not only for the rich content, but also for the sheer beauty of the writing.  Jeremy has an amazing gift!

Bylogos — Dr. John Byl writes here and shares his insights especially into matters relating to science and the Bible.  I especially appreciate Dr. Byl’s bold stand against the dangerous false teaching of theistic evolution.  More than ever, we need his voice to be heard.

Institute for Nouthetic Studies —  This is where you’ll still find the venerable old Dr. Jay Adams blogging on a regular basis.  These days I especially appreciate his weekly posts about preaching.  Lots of food for thought, even if you don’t always agree with everything he says.

Learning My Lines — Walt Mueller offers lots of helpful material about youth culture from a Christian perspective.  A must-read for pastors and teachers.

Challies Dot Com — I have been reading this one for years.  Tim might not remember, but he and I were in a book club together when I was a seminary student.  I started following his blog not long after it started.  It’s just gotten better and better and for good reason it’s one of the top Christian blogs in the world.

One Christian Dad — here’s an up and coming blogger, a man with a gift for writing, courage to express himself, and a faithful commitment to follow the Word.  I always enjoy reading whatever Ryan Smith writes.   Keep an eye on this one.

Really Good Reads — if you’re looking for good reading material, my good friend Jon Dykstra and his brothers Jeff and James have got great reviews!

Albert Mohler — president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and probably North America’s foremost Christian cultural critic.

Reformation 21 — I read this regularly mostly just for everyone’s favourite anti-celebrity, Carl Trueman.

Many more could be added, but if I had to choose only 10, those would be them.  Now which would you choose?  For this post only, I’m going to open the comments so you can share your favourites with me and everyone else.