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FRC Launceston Wednesday Evening Message

As long as this crisis lasts (and we’re not able to gather for worship), I hope to do a regular Wednesday evening message for my congregation.  Last night I spoke on Psalm 121.

Worship, Unity, and Your Bible

Late last week our church leadership took the unprecedented step of suspending worship services.  Our initial plan was to do this for two Sundays and then reassess.  However, in the meantime, the Australian government has ordered the closure of places of worship (along with other public gatherings).  So it seems that we may be “in exile” for a while, possibly even up to six months.

While we’re sad about not being able to gather together, our congregation still has the opportunity to hear God’s Word.  We have the technology to live-stream (our church’s YouTube channel) and we’re thankful for that.  Last Sunday, I gave two messages at the times we would normally gather for worship in the morning and afternoon.  Many of our members were able to use that, and even some from outside our congregation.

We’ve been careful not to say that these live-streams are “worship services.”  They’re not.  They’re a poor substitute for what we normally do on Sundays.  Nothing compares to gathering together in person in the presence of God.  Because it’s not a worship service, I don’t stand on the pulpit.  We don’t have the call to worship, salutation, reading of the law, assurance of pardon, or benediction.  We do encourage our members to sing wherever they’re gathered and with whomever they’re gathered – even to sing by themselves if need be.  I supply them with suggested songs.  We also encourage them to pray together, and prayer points are supplied to that end.  We all pray for the day when these measures are history and we can return to our normal public worship.

Related to the foregoing, different churches have adopted different measures.  Some of those decisions may need to be revised in the coming days.  Whatever the case may be, we ought to remember that “Satan loves to fish in troubled waters” (adapting from Thomas Watson).  We’re in troubled waters and Satan wants to divide and conquer.  He wants Christians to be at each other’s throats.  Satan wants us to be biting and devouring one another – it serves his cause.  I respect the fact that there are other consistories who have taken a different approach to my church’s.  I might not agree that their approach is the best, but there’s no need for me to publicly or privately criticize them.  Let’s just respect one another and do what we can to strengthen the unity of God’s people in this trying time.

Finally, more than ever, believers need to be serious about their personal Bible reading.  You may not be able to go to public worship.  You might not be able to attend Bible study.  But you can still read and study your Bible at home by yourself.  There’s no obstacle to doing that.  If there’s ever a time when we all need regular spiritual encouragement from God’s Word, it’s now.  If you’re not already using a Bible reading plan, let me encourage you to do so (lots of options here).  Don’t worry that you’re starting late in the year — just start where you are and carry on.  Satan would love to use this crisis to drive you away from God.  Resist him.  Instead, let this crisis be a means through which God draws you closer to himself.  That means making use of whatever’s available – and the main thing that’s still available is the Bible.  Read it.  It’ll be a source of strength to get you through this.

COVID-19 & Tasmania

A lot has been said by other Christian commentators about the corona virus.  I don’t think there’s really anything I can add that hasn’t already been said.  As Christians, we confess God’s providence over all things big and small, including viruses.  We trust God’s power and can therefore consider the situation with a measure of calm.

Rather than offer any further theological reflections, let me just share where things are at here in Tasmania.  As you may know, Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state, an island just off the south-east coast.  The virus is here.  As of today, there are seven cases.  That might sound like a drop in the bucket, but you need to remember that Tasmania only has about 500,000 residents.  So, as far as cases per 100,000 go, Tasmania is thus far the third-hardest hit state in Australia.  Only New South Wales and Queensland have more on a per-100,000 basis.  The state government has announced today that they’re declaring a public health emergency.  It seems things will get worse before they get better.

In the stores, panic-buying and hoarding are evident.  As in other places, toilet paper is hard to find.  But so is long-life milk, bread, canned soup, soap, hand sanitizer, and even toothpaste.

At the moment, our church is still planning to worship twice this coming Sunday.  However, we will be implementing the following changes:

  • No liturgy sheets — we have a projector and screen where the order of worship is normally shown anyway.
  • We’ll have door collections instead of passing around the collection bag during the service.
  • The creche/church nursery will be closed.
  • We normally have a coffee social after every morning service — this is suspended.
  • The congregation is advised against handshakes and hugs.  No unnecessary touching.

Our church leadership is monitoring the advice of health authorities and more changes may be implemented in the next few days or weeks.  We’ve also advised our congregation members with regard to health and social distancing.

It’s a rapidly evolving situation.  We watch and pray.  And we remember: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Therefore, we will not fear though the earth gives way…”  (Psalm 46:1,2)