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Synod Dunnville 2016 (1)

Synod Dunnville

The Canadian Reformed synod is now underway in Dunnville, Ontario.  As I understand it, the provisional Acts will be published on the synod website here.   The first set can be found here.  There’s nothing to note in terms of highlights.  This is boilerplate for CanRC Synods — it just deals with the usual preliminary items like establishing the synod executive, forming advisory committees, and dealing with items submitted late.  Material has been sent to the advisory committees and, in the coming days, these committees will report back with proposals.  The proposals will be discussed in plenary session and then we should start seeing some decisions.  Stay tuned…

Some Good News for a Change


Things can often be depressing when it comes to developments in church life.  We often see things slip-sliding away.  That’s one reason why I love being to able to share some good news here, some positive developments.  For some years, the Canadian Reformed Churches have been troubled by challenges regarding the biblical and orthodox view of origins.  In response to this, the Providence Canadian Reformed Church of Hamilton developed a proposal aimed for Synod 2016.  You can find the proposal here on the Providence website (below the Welcome message).  Yesterday, a Classis Ontario West adopted this proposal and decided to forward it on to the next Regional Synod East for consideration.  The press release is here.  The proposal is now public and circulating through the churches.  I’m thankful to God for these very positive developments!  May he continue to preserve his church against these attacks on the truth of Scripture and the gospel.  Yet the battle is not over…not by far.  We have some ways to go before these false teachings are officially ruled out of bounds in the Canadian Reformed Churches.  More on this proposal perhaps some other time.