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The Principality of Outer Baldonia

Have you ever heard of it?  The Principality of Outer Baldonia was a micro-nation just off the coast of Nova Scotia.  It was renowned for having declared war on the former Soviet Union.  The war apparently involved a lot of fishing on the part of the Outer Baldonians.  It sounds like there’s something on the micronation at the Yarmouth County Museum.  We’re definitely going to check it out the next time we’re out that way (the museum looks really good anyway!).

Ha’iku Stairs

If I ever get to Hawaii, I’m definitely going to try and do the Ha’iku Stairs on Oahu (assuming that it’s safe and legal when I visit, of course).  Gadling recently did a feature on it. This video gives a good idea of what to expect.

Great Travel Site

I enjoy travelling. There are a lot of really interesting places in the world and my short lifetime is not going to give me enough opportunities to see them all, so that’s why I also enjoy reading about travel. One of my favourite websites in that regard is Gadling. One of their writers is Stephen Greenwood and lately he’s been writing about his journeys in Madagascar.  He’s also been posting several galleries of stunning pictures of the place.   This past week, he posted this item about Ilakaka and the sapphire trade.  This is his latest post about Toliara (Tulear).  This is what excellent travel writing does:  makes you want to visit the place for yourself.  You also can’t help but wonder about the progress of the gospel in a place like that…


I’ve always been fascinated with castles, yet I’ve never really been to a genuine article (I don’t think Dundurn Castle counts).  Now I’ve got a good long list to keep in my mind if I ever find myself wandering around Europe.  While they’re not all in Europe, see here for the ten toughest and here for the six creepiest.  They all look fascinating!  If you had to pick just one, which would it be?