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Speed Riding

When I was a youngster growing up in Edmonton, one of the annual highlights was the showing of the latest Warren Miller ski film.  However, I’m not sure that anything Miller filmed can compare to this.  This is way over the edge.


Everybody knows about Thousand Island dressing.  But did you know where the name comes from?  What about Ranch?  Or Heinz 57?  The answers are all right here.

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

I have a thing for caves and tunnels.  We recently discovered a conservation area here in Hamilton that has some caves — it’s really cool.  When we lived in BC, we enjoyed visiting the BC Museum of Mining and the Othello Tunnels.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw this item about the world’s oldest subway tunnel in New York City.  There are guided tours.  Someday I’d like to check it out.  As the crow flies, NYC isn’t that far away — in fact, at night we can easily listen to most of the big radio stations from the Big Apple.  It’s just one of those things that’s on our list of must-sees.

Insect Cuisine

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed this item on Gadling about a Japanese chef who published a cookbook of insect cuisine.  This past summer we visited my in-laws in Neerlandia (about 130 km northwest of Edmonton) and the place was crawling with grasshoppers.  I’ve tried ants before (pretty good, but make sure you pinch the head off first), and this was a good time as any to try grasshoppers.  So, I caught a couple, took their heads off and put them on the grill.  The one didn’t work out because it fell through the grill bars, but the other was nicely cooked.  It was a bit crunchy with a nutty flavour.  Our son tried it too and he agreed that it was tasty.  The steaks were better, but hopper’s pretty good too.  By the way, if you live in the Vancouver area, you could always try some insect cuisine at Vij’s.