The End

I first starting blogging in 2006. My first effort was entitled Yinkadene and it was on Xanga — anyone remember Xanga? I soon discovered that many people didn’t know how to pronounce the name, so in 2007 I stayed on Xanga, but switched the name to what I thought would be a more intuitive orthography, Yinkahdinay. As it turned out, heaps of people continued to call it “Yinky Dinky” or some other bastardization. I forgive you — all of you. And in case you’re still in the dark, the original name came from my time as a missionary in Fort Babine. It comes from the Babine language and it means “Native language.” I used it as a circumlocution for just speaking as myself.

In 2009, I moved to Hamilton to become the pastor of the Providence Canadian Reformed Church. Around the same time, I moved my blogging over to WordPress, but kept the Yinkahdinay name. That was over 12 years ago now.

Today I’m letting you know that the era of Yinkahdinay is over. This will be the last post on this website.

For a while now I’ve been working with web developer Rosalyn Poort to put together a new site. It’s just been launched. A big thank you to Rosalyn for the fine work she did on it. You can now find me online here. At the new site, I’ll continue my blogging journey and I hope you’ll join me!

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