Does Man Have Free Will? We Distinguish (Pictet)

I have been asked about this on a few occasions. This is an excellent, brief explanation of the Reformed position.

The Reformed Reader

Christian Theology Do humans after the fall have free will?  Reformed theology has generally made a distinction when answering this question.  On the one hand, humans have natural liberty.  This means we can freely chose when to eat, drink, sleep, travel, etc.  However, because of Adam’s sin and our own corruption, we have wholly lost the ability to do any spiritual good.  Therefore, we cannot convert ourselves or prepare ourselves for conversion (see WCF ch. 9).  Speaking of the bondage of the will, I appreciate how Swiss Reformed theologian Benedict Pictet (d. 1724)  explained this from Scripture.

“…With regard to moral and spiritual good, we consider that man is so corrupt of his own nature, that he can do nothing acceptable in the sight of God. Now this is proved by many testimonies of Scripture. First, from those passages in which ability or power is expressly declared not to be in man…

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