A Thought on David’s Sin

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A story of lust, adultery and murder.

2 Samuel 11.

Have you read it? Take a moment and do so.

Back yet?

Recently, a pastor friend read this chapter to a group of men, and I listened as he explained the account. How the springtime was a time for war, and King David sent Joab and his servants, but he himself stayed back.

While he stayed back he looked upon Bathsheba and lusted.

Then he committed adultery with her and murdered Uriah.

We all know the account. But here is the interesting thing. David’s sin did not start with lust or murder.

It started when he broke his routine, when he disobeyed God and stayed back.

He was supposed to go to war. That was what Kings did at that time of year, and that is what the Lord expected of him.

He stayed back.

When he should have been leading…

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