Now Available: “I Will Be Your God”: An Easy Introduction to the Covenant of Grace

I Will Be Your God Cover

ILPB has just released this little volume (79 pages), originally based on some sermons that I preached at the Providence Canadian Reformed Church in Hamilton.  The impetus behind preaching those sermons — and revising them for publication — were the questions that many were asking about the differences between our Reformed churches and others who might be classified as “New Calvinist.”  One of the most important differences that we have with many of those churches is the doctrine of the covenant of grace.  This doctrine is not peripheral or insignificant — it is an essential part of the fabric of Reformed theology and practice.  Disposing of this doctrine or even just minimizing it has enormous consequences.  Unfortunately, many treatments of covenant theology are inaccessible to regular church members with no advanced training in theology.  I wanted to put this doctrine in the simplest possible terms, so that even older children would be able to understand it.  I’m thankful that ILPB was willing to publish it.  I pray that “I Will Be Your God” will help Reformed church members to understand clearly what we believe, why we believe it, and the huge difference it makes in our lives.  You can purchase your copy here.

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