TAP Trip 2014

A common sight in the Philippines:  the Jeepney

A common sight in the Philippines: the Jeepney

Later today, I’m heading to the Philippines with a couple of members of my congregation.  The Providence CanRC recently started a small-scale mission project called Theological Assistance to the Philippines (TAP).  In partnership with the Free Reformed Church of Baldivis, Australia we’re hoping to provide regular seminary-level theological training.  This trip will kick things off with a Reformation church history course.  We also plan to have meetings with Rev. Stephen t’Hart and br. Hendrik De Jonge of the Baldivis FRCA, as well as Rev. Gil Baloy and Rev. Mike Voytek from the Reformed Church in the United States (who are also doing similar work in the country).  I don’t plan on giving any updates here; however, there is a blog set up here that will keep you informed about our activities over the next two weeks.  Please do follow along and pray with us for the advance of the Reformed faith in the Philippines.

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