More Heidelberg Catechism Themes Added

My project to compile themes and divisions for preaching the Heidelberg Catechism is just about completed.  I’ve just added Lord’s Day 33 and, two weeks ago, I added Lord’s Day 32.  That leaves just four more to go.  At some point, I’ll get around to them.  This project originally started for my own benefit while in seminary.  While I was a missionary, a conversation with a URC colleague about the challenges of preaching the Catechism regularly led me to begin posting my work online.  Judging from the stats WordPress provides, the Heidelberg Catechism Themes page is one of the most-accessed on Yinkahdinay — it ranks #9.

Yes, I know that not much else new has been posted here recently.  In a couple of weeks, I’m going to Brazil again.  I’ll be speaking at a conference, teaching a Reformation church history course at the John Calvin Institute, and a bunch of other speaking and preaching engagements.  A lot of my spare time and energy has been absorbed with getting ready for all this.  When I get back, I hope to have some more time available to write on some topics here.  Do stay tuned… 


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