Discussion of Mission at Classis

Some time ago, I shared a mission proposal that the Providence Canadian Reformed Church made at a recent Classis Ontario West.  Sadly, that Classis was not persuaded of the value of such a proposal.  Perhaps a future classis will be.

Meanwhile, I just noticed that, on the other side of the country, a Classis Pacific West discussed and adopted a similar proposal.  It’s in this press release.  Here are the pertinent details:

Proposal from the church of Surrey-Maranatha: After an amendment, the proposal of Surrey-Maranatha was adopted to add to the Classis Regulations a standing item to Appendix A: ‘Mission: Fraternal Apprisal’, giving the churches an opportunity at each Classis meeting to update each other on their various outreach and mission activities.

I like the wording: “Fraternal Apprisal.”  This is exactly the right idea.  I pray this is a blessing for the advance of the gospel in British Columbia and elsewhere.

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