Beware of Preachers

1. Beware of men whose preaching is shallow, and who never seem to say anything new, in the sense of the understanding of Scripture.

2. Beware of preachers who fail to preach on the holiness of God and His hatred for sin.

3. Beware of preachers who emphasize feelings and emotions rather than doctrine, who are shallow and lack depth.

4. Beware of preachers who are preoccupied with physical appearance; who are preoccupied with clothing, jewelry, cars, houses, wealth, fancy hotels, fancy restaurants.

5. Beware of preachers with a lack of deep seriousness about sin.

6. Beware of preachers who have a preoccupation with sexual matters and subjects in the pulpit.

7. Be very wary of preachers who are more concerned with relationships to people than they are with peoples’ relationships to God.

I invite you to apply these high standards to my preaching and lifestyle as well.

Repost from 11.21.07.  H.T. here and here.

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8 responses to “Beware of Preachers

  • Rob Bonefaas

    Beware of Pride.

    • Wes Bredenhof

      Yes, Rob. “So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall.” 1 Cor. 10:12. I need the reminder in these “bewares” too and that’s why I also invite people to hold me accountable.

      • Rob Bonefaas

        I did not mean my comment to say that you are proud by posting this list. Rather I was just adding to the list I felt that pride was missing.

  • Kevin Carter

    This is a stirring reminder. My homoletics teacher had the practice of reading at least a book every year on preaching with the purpose of being brought back to the basics of preaching, and it is my practice as well. May I recommend two: one by Eric Alexander in the Basics of the Reformed Faith series “What is Biblical Preaching?”; and J.C. Ryle’s “The Upper Room” chapter three on “Simplicity in Preaching” which I try to read often :). Thanks for the post.

    • Wes Bredenhof


      Thanks for the recommendations. I also try to read at least one book on preaching annually. Right now I’m re-reading Bryan Chapell’s Christ-Centered Preaching. I get together with some other Reformed ministers once a month and we discuss a book and Chapell is what we’re doing right now. But I’ll put the titles you mentioned on my wish-list.

  • Christopher Gordon

    Thank you, Wes. These are timely reminders!

  • Steven Van Leeuwen

    Hi Dr. Bredenhof,

    I found this post interesting. Point 6 states “Beware of preachers who have a preoccupation with sexual matters and subjects in the pulpit.” Does this suggest that those having a preoccupation with this subject are themselves tempted in that direction?

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