Reformation Day: Letter from Guy de Bres to His Wife

Today we commemorate the 492nd birthday of the Reformation.  In honour of that, I have another small contribution to the study of Guy (Guido) de Bres, the author of the Belgic Confession.  A couple of years ago, I provided a complete, new and improved English translation of the last letter of de Bres to his wife, Catherine.  You can find it on-line here.  Paulin Bedard is a ministerial colleague in l’Eglise Reformee du Quebec.  He and his wife Claire recently put out a version of this letter in modern French.  It’s now available on-line as well.  I think this might be especially useful for French teachers in our Christian high schools.  Whether you read it in English or “en la belle langue,” it’s a powerful letter that speaks of God’s grace in the life and death of this important Reformer.

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