Because I’ve Been Forgiven

This coming Sunday afternoon I’m preaching on the forgiveness of sins.  I recently ran across this video from Peacemaker Ministries.  It’s too bad that this is only part 1, but even if the story stops here, you get a clear understanding of  how the gospel shapes and transforms us into a forgiving people.

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2 responses to “Because I’ve Been Forgiven

  • Michael

    Part 2 can now be found here.

  • Michael

    It is such a good story that I wanted to keep an eye open for part 2. I think they just added it to the site today.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This man obviously had a difficult life with his father and for him to be able to see his father come to the Lord before he passed away is wonderful, not just for him, but for us all.

    There is so much power in forgiveness when we say “not my will, but God’s will” and God’s will is that we forgive.

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