Free Reformed Churches of South Africa

The other day I had the opportunity to attend an informative presentation by Rev. Dirk Boersma about the Free Reformed Churches of South Africa (VGKZA).  They have a situation where the number of mission churches is almost the same as the number of instituted churches.  For a small federation, that’s quite a feat.  God has blessed our brothers and sisters with many opportunities to advance the gospel.  Yesterday I had lunch with Rev. Boersma and we spoke more about his work there.  I also discovered then that there is a website for the South African mission.  If you can read Afrikaans (similar to Dutch), you can find the original here.  Google Translate can help you with a rudimentary English translation here.

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One response to “Free Reformed Churches of South Africa

  • joyce

    Hey Wes
    Isnt it amazing how much has occured there even with thier limited financial means?? I love hearing about their work or rather God’s work thru them.
    On another note you can read the entire part in English as there is an English option at the bottom of the page – although I am not sure if that was the link your provided.

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