Canadian Reformed Synod 2010 (6)

There is no Synod business today, no meetings either in committee or in plenary session.  This is partly to give the delegates a break, but also to make room for a meeting for the Superannuation Foundation.  This Foundation is a way that our churches have found to help those churches that have retired ministers.  According to article 13 of our Church Order, the church a minister last served “shall provide honorably for his support.”  Of course, most churches would not be able to do that and have their own active minister.  The Foundation receives funds from its member churches by way of quarterly assessments, invests the funds received, and makes monthly payments to those member churches with retired ministers.  It may sound like a pension fund, but everyone involved with the Foundation will be sure to tell you that it is not a pension fund.  Anyway, the Foundation for Superannuation has a tri-annual meeting with all the churches and it always falls on the first Saturday of the time that we have General Synod.  This allows for maximum participation from the member churches.  So, this morning I’m off to this meeting as well.

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