Canadian Reformed Synod 2010 (4)

We have some Acts available on the website.  You can find them here.  These are the Acts for the first two days.  You’ll find in them the two appointments for our seminary.  There were some regular housekeeping matters.  A couple of proposals to change the format of the Acts were defeated.  There’s also brief summaries of the speeches of some of the fraternal delegates.  The most interesting one from last night was the address of Rev. John Bouwers from the United Reformed Churches.  Here’s the summary (my apologies for the formatting):

Rev. Bouwers gave a speech on behalf of the URCNA. He mentioned statistics in regard to these
churches, touching on the fact that many of them are in the United States. There are challenges
and difficulties in regard to the unity process. He called for fortitude and commitment in
continuing efforts to pursue unity, mentioning as examples of some obstacles the lingering fears
in the URCNA of hierarchy as well as tendencies toward congregationalism. The cost of unity
may come at the cost of some uniformity among the Canadian Reformed Churches. However,
there can be a Scriptural multiformity that is different from a sinful pluriformity. The unity
process so far has already been deeply beneficial for both federations as interaction between the
churches has heightened. He stressed the importance of face to face dialogue also at the level of
Synod, which is to be preferred to communication by “pen and ink.”

I wonder if Rev. Bouwers has seen the reports of our CCU subcommittees.  They are all available to the general public at the website now.

The most important decisions are yet to come, so stay tuned.

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2 responses to “Canadian Reformed Synod 2010 (4)

  • frank quijada

    forgive me for the intrusion, but i have no access to the Clarion Magazine and im very interested in reading your ten part series on your Guide to Reformed Worship. is it possible you can point me to any place i can obtain these; i ran into them while reading your fine contribution to the Confessional Presbyterian vol4. and i saw a review that mentioned these in the review and responses section of that publication. thnx rev wes.

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