Ten Reasons Why Evolution is Dangerous and Evil

The latest issue of Clarion (January 1, 2010) includes an article which I’ve co-authored with four CanRC colleagues.  The title, “Ten Reasons Why Evolution is Dangerous and Evil,” is self-explanatory, I think.  The article is available on-line here.

A couple of the reasons deal with this evolutionary idea that there were human beings before Adam (pre-Adamites).  This idea has existed for centuries.  Samuel Maresius (1599-1673) wrote the first commentary on the Belgic Confession.  He also wrote a book in 1656 devoted to refuting “the fable of pre-Adamites.”  You can find it right here. What Satan lacks in creativity he makes up for in perseverance.

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One response to “Ten Reasons Why Evolution is Dangerous and Evil

  • George Helder

    Hello Reverend,
    I read the article when it first came out in Clarion with much appreciation! I’ve just now read an article that refers to it and the Scripture-evolutionism (and a related letter to the editor) controversy within the CanRC in Christian Renewal. It once again wants me to give thanks to God that there are men willing to speak up publicly and unequivocally against this insidious heresy that continues to attack the church. I thank you and the Revs Geurts, G vanPopta, J. vanPopta, & Witteveen as well as others, such as Dr. J. Byl. My prayer is that others will be encouraged hold the truth of God’s Word.

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