Paideia Books

Paideia published some good stuff back in the day.  For instance, K. Sietsma’s The Idea of Office is a classic on an important (but often neglected) subject.  S.G. De Graaf’s Promise and Deliverance is another important publication.  Paideia has now made available on-line everything they’ve ever published, plus a lot of other stuff in Dutch and English.  You can find it all here. Unfortunately, there are some technical problems.  Some of the .pdfs are not in the best shape (missing pages) and you’ll have to download the files to your computer to read them.  The .pdf for Sietsma is in good shape and you can find it here.  When I downloaded Volume 1 of Promise and Deliverance earlier this summer, I believe there were some problems with the .pdf.  However, I did download Volume 2 this morning and it seems to be in good condition.

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